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C/C++ Certification


We have built two paths of certification and education in our system. The first path covers the C programming language and the second one the C++ language. For each programming path three levels of qualification were defined.


Associate – the foundation level;

Professional – the advanced level;

and Senior – the expert level.







Therefore, for the C programming path, we have the following levels:


  • C Programming Language Certified Associate – CLA
  • C Certified Professional Programmer – CLP
  • C Certified Senior Programmer – CLS


For the C++ programming language path the following levels have been defined: 


  • C++ Certified Associate Programmer – CPA
  • C++ Certified Professional Programmer – CPP
  • C++ Certified Senior Programmer – CPS


To obtain any of those certificates, you need to pass the exam at Pearson VUE Testing Center. There is 6000 Testing Center around the world – you may check if there is such center close to your place here.


The picture below shows the qualifications levels hierarchy for the C/C++ languages:



In order to gain a higher level certification you first need to be certified in the lower one. This means that in order to get the CPP you should be certified in CPA and to obtain the CPS certificate you must first pass the CPP. The same is true for the C path. The C and C++ paths are independent of each other. You can choose which path is the best for you. If you are not sure which one is better for you – we recommend to start with C language.

To date sets of certification tests and training materials for the following three exams have been prepared:



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