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MTA : Python



98-381: Introduction to Programming Using Python


  • Introduction to python
    • Installation and working with python
    • Understanding python variables
    • Python basic operators
    • Understanding python blocks

  • Python data types
    • Declaring and using numeric data types: Int,float
    • Using string data type and string operations
    • Defining list and list slicing
    • Use of tuple data type
    • Use of dictionary data type
    • Use of set data type
    • Use of Date and time data type

  • Python program flow control
    • Conditional blocks using if, else and elif
    • Simple for loops in python
    • For loop using range, string, list and dictionaries.
    • Use of while loop

  • Python functions, modules and packages
    • Organizing python codes using functions
    • Organizing python projects into modules
    • Importing own modules as well as external modules
    • Understating packages
    • Powerful lambda function in python

  • In python string, list and dictionary manipulations
    • Building blocks of python programs
    • Understating string in built in methods
    • List manipulation using built in methods
    • Dictionary manipulation

  • Python object oriented programming – OOP
    • Concept of class, object
    • Constructors, class attributes and destructors
    • Inheritance , polymorphism

  • Python exception handing
    • Handling exceptions using try excep
    • Programming using exception handing


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