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Course Content

  1. Introduction to CAE
    • Introduction to CAE
    • General working of FEA
    • Stiffness matrix
    • Boundary conditions
    • Introduction to Meshing, Elements and Element Shapes
    • General procedure to conduct FEA
    • FEA software
    • Key Assumptions in FEA
    • Types of Engineering Analysis
    • Classification of materials
    • Introduction to Material Properties, Creating and Adding Materials

  2. Introduction to ANSYS Workbench
    • System requirements
    • Starting ANSYS Workbench
    • ANSYS Workbench GUI
    • Working on a Project
    • Units in ANSYS Workbench
    • ANSYS Workbench Database and File format
    • Changing the unit system
    • Components of the system

  3. Sketching and Part Modeling in ANSYS Workbench DesignModeler
    • Introduction to Sketching and Part Modeling
    • Introduction to DesignModeler Window
    • Sketching Practice
    • Solid Modeling Overview
    • Introduction, Extrusion, Revolution, Sweep, Sketching
    • Introduction, Adding a hole, Adding a round, Adding a chamfer, Patterns, Assembly, Alternate solid modeler, Surface and Line models

  4. Static Structural Analysis
    • Introduction to Static Structural Analysis
    • Pre-processing, Solution, Post-processing
    • Static Structural Analysis Examples and Lab using 1D,2D and 3D Elements

  5. Modal Analysis (Dynamics Analysis)
    • Overview
    • Introduction
    • Performing the Modal analysis
    • Modal analysis Lab

  6. Linear Buckling Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Performing Linear Buckling analysis
    • Linear Buckling Analysis Lab
  7. Thermal Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Important terms used in thermal analysis
    • Types of thermal analysis
    • Performing Steady state thermal analysis
    • Steady state thermal analysis Lab
  8. Project

ITnium is a reputed training institute in Sangli and MIraj Kupwad region to provide the academic guidance for Data Structure(DS) using C and C++ programming. We build the confidence of programming among the students through Data Structure courses in our region.

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