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C Programming

Programming Language is the foundation of nearly all modern computer languages. C is a “low level” simple language that can be used to create the most elegant of applications and operating systems. Most of today’s commercial applications and operating systems have the C language at their core.

Course Content

  1. Basic of C Language   
    • What is C language
    • History Of C
    • Features Of C
    • How o install C
    • Introduction to C IDE
    • Keywords and identifiers
    • Variables and Constants
    • Data Types In C
    • C operators
    • C Input/output

  2. C Control Statements
    • If statement
    • If else statement
    • Nested If else
    • Switch statement
    • Looping statements
    • For loop
    • While loop
    • Do-while loop
    • Break/continue statement
    • Goto statement
    • Type casting

  3. Array in C
    • Concept of array
    • Types of array
    • One dimensional
    • Two dimensional
    • Array to function

  4. String in C
    • Concept of string
    • String functions

  5. Pointers in C
    • What is a pointer?
    • Pointers and arrays
    • Pointers and function
    • Memory allocation in C
    • Compile time
    • Run time
    • Pointer arithmetic

  6. C Functions
    • What is function?
    • Types of functions
    • System Defined
    • User defined
    • Function call
    • Call by value
    • Call by reference
    • Recursion in C
    • Storage Classes

  7. Structures and Union in C
    • Concept of structure
    • Array of structure
    • Structure and pointer
    • Structure and function
    • Nested structure
    • Concept of Union
    • Diff. between Structure & Union

  8. File Handling in C
    • Concept of file handling
    • File modes & operations



ITnium is a reputed training institute in Sangli and MIraj Kupwad region to provide the academic guidance for C and C++ programming. We build the confidence of programming among the students through C and C++ courses in our region.

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