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Autodesk Certification

Why Certification?


Autodesk certifications are industry-recognized credentials that can help you succeed in your design career—providing benefits to both you and your employer. The certifications provide reliable validation of skills and knowledge, and they can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity.


AutoCAD 2011 Certified Associate


Exam topics and objectives


  1. Creating Basic Drawings
    • Use Object snaps
    • Use Polar and Object snap tracking

  2. Manipulating Objects
    • Use appropriate selection set methods
    • Apply mirror techniques to mirror copies of objects
    • Use Rectangular arrays
    • Use polar arrays
    • Use rotation reference angles to rotate an object

  3. Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
    • Analyze a closed object to find the area
    • Apply changes to an object’s property
    • Apply layer transparency to select layers

  4. Altering Objects
    • Identify methods for creating a radius between two objects
    • Join two objects to create one object
    • Apply modify techniques to change an object’s shape by stretching

  5. Working with Layouts
    • Demonstrate how to create or manipulate viewports

  6. Annotating the Drawing
    • Demonstrate the methods for editing multi-line text
    • Identify text justification locations
    • Describe a paragraph of text with

  7. Multiple columns Dimensioning
    • Describe dimension styles
    • Apply methods for editing dimensions
    • Apply linear dimensions to a drawing

  8. Hatching Objects
    • Describe hatch editing

  9. Working with Reusable Content
    • Apply the uses for Tool Palettes
    • Create, insert, and edit blocks in a drawing

  10. Creating Additional Drawing Objects
    • Identify table cell data contents
    • Describe how to create a polyline

  11. Parametric Design
    • Apply geometrical or dimensional constraints

  12. Working with Annotative Objects
    • Use annotative text and dimensions in a drawing at various viewport or annotation scales

  13. Isolate or Hide Displayed Objects
    • Use hide or isolate techniques with objects

  14. Grip Editing
    • Explain how to modify a drawing using grips

  15. Viewing Drawings in 3D
    • Use the View Cube to view drawings in 3D
  16. Project


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