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Mechanical Courses

Ansys Workbench

Ansys Inc. is a global public company based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It develops and markets multiphysics engineering simulation software for product design, testing and operation. Ansys was founded in 1970 by John Swanson. Swanson sold his interest in the company to venture capitalists in 1993.

Course Content

  • Introduction to CAE
    • Introduction to CAE
    • General working of FEA
    • Stiffness matrix
    • Boundary conditions
    • Introduction to Meshing, Elements and Element Shapes
    • General procedure to conduct FEA
    • FEA software
    • Key Assumptions in FEA
    • Types of Engineering Analysis
    • Classification of materials
    • Introduction to Material Properties, Creating and Adding Materials

  • Introduction to ANSYS Workbench
    • System requirements
    • Starting ANSYS Workbench
    • ANSYS Workbench GUI
    • Working on a Project
    • Units in ANSYS Workbench
    • ANSYS Workbench Database and File format
    • Changing the unit system
    • Components of the system

  • Sketching and Part Modeling in ANSYS Workbench DesignModeler
    • Introduction to Sketching and Part Modeling
    • Introduction to DesignModeler Window
    • Sketching Practice
    • Solid Modeling Overview
    • Introduction, Extrusion, Revolution, Sweep, Sketching
    • Introduction, Adding a hole, Adding a round, Adding a chamfer, Patterns, Assembly, Alternate solid modeler, Surface and Line models

  • Static Structural Analysis
    • Introduction to Static Structural Analysis
    • Pre-processing, Solution, Post-processing
    • Static Structural Analysis Examples and Lab using 1D,2D and 3D Elements

  • Modal Analysis (Dynamics Analysis)
    • Overview
    • Introduction
    • Performing the Modal analysis
    • Modal analysis Lab

  • Linear Buckling Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Performing Linear Buckling analysis
    • Linear Buckling Analysis Lab

  • Thermal Analysis
    • Introduction
    • Important terms used in thermal analysis
    • Types of thermal analysis
    • Performing Steady state thermal analysis
    • Steady state thermal analysis Lab

  • Project

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